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Jade Esteban Estrada


Various Artists
“FABULOUS GAY TUNES-Volume 2” (2003)
Chris Michael Records
1.Longfellow Seranade---Brother Love Canal
2.Come Home to Me---...Uncut
3.Bella Morena---Jade Esteban Estrada
5.Different Love---Front to Back
6.Hold Tight---Brother Love Canal
7.How We Gonna Get Along---Ms. Mosea
8.I Can't Wait---Rosita
9.Angel---Rachael Sage
10.Let Yourself In---Seraphimn
11.Mother Teresa---Kelly Johnson
12.World in Motion---B. Valentine
13.Radio Friendly---Lilia
14.One in a Million---
Jamie Browning

Various Artists
Centaur Music
1.Angel---Sarah McLachlan
2.Summerfling---k.d. lang
3.Shine---Cyndi Lauper
4.Caifornia---Rufus Wainwright
5.In or out---Ani DeFranco
6.Society’s Child---Janis Ian
7.First time ever I saw your face---Sam Harris
8.Me, too---SONiA
9,Remember who you are---Suede
10.Kiss that counted---Catie Curtis
11,Topaz---The B-52’s
12.Soundonsound---Bob Mould
13.Is this the world we created?---Queen
14.Driving Wheel---Chris Williamson
15.Are you out there?---Dar Williams
16.Say Goodbye---Matt Zarley
17.ihate.com---The Butchies
18.Bella Morena---Jade Esteban Estrada
19.How Many---Taylor Dayne
20.Alive---Kevin Aviance
21.I am what I am---
Harvey Fierstein

Jade Esteban Estrada
“ANGEL” (2001)
Vicarious Records
1.Bella Morena (Spanish Version)
2.Lagrimas Perdidas
3.Reggae Twist
4.Las Mananitas
5.Only for you
6.Fallin’ Again
7.C’mon Pretty Baby
8.Bella Morena (English Version)

Envision featuring Jade Esteban Estrada
Total Envision Records
1.English Radio Version
2.English Radio Version NO RAP
3.Spanish Radio Version
4.English Extended Mix
5.Spanish Extended Mix
6.English TV Track
7.Spanish TV Track

 Jade Esteban Estrada - Performance on "On Q Live"

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