A Story of Life, Love and Making Tortillas the AMERICAN Way
Written by Celeste Angela Estrada
Directed by David Miguel Estrada
Performed by Jade Esteban Estrada


Watch the FOX 29 San Antonio feature on TORTILLA HEAVEN!


Jade Esteban Estrada plays seven characters in the family dramedy "Tortilla Heaven" written by Celeste Angela Estrada. Photo by NANDO RODRIGUEZ.


"Absolute Genius..."

Khristian Kemp-DeLisser

Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Concerns



"We really enjoyed meeting Jade and seeing him perform. The turn out was great and the students were very receptive."

Veronica Kann

La Casa



"What Jade does is important for the community. He brings awareness of culture."

Katherine Palomino

Office of Intercultural Affairs



"Tonight was spectacular! Jade Esteban Estrada, you're not just an entertainer par excellence but one of the most sparkling personalities (all seven of them tonight) around. You truly have been a shining star for GCAM and we love you for your guidance and faith in us and what we are trying to do in this world."

Judy Reeves



What is "Tortilla Heaven?"
"Tortilla Heaven" is a solo play performed by Comedy Central star Jade Esteban Estrada. The show is comedic yet very real story of first, second and third generations Mexicans trying to relate to one another. First generations living a humble life and making home feel more like home, second generations abandoning their roots in order to assimilate to the big city life and the third generations trying to understand it all without knowing the language of his people. When generations finally meet, speaking the same language seems to be the easy part of a difficult journey of understanding why your family is so different. Whether you love them or hate them, they are going to be there when you need help the most! 

Meet NENA:

She's not even related to you and she's all up in your business...

"You're spending good money on bad beans, comadre!"

Are there any reviews I can read about the show online?
Sure. Click any of the following reviews to read about a past performance:
"Jade Esteban Estrada In 'Tortilla Heaven'" - QBliss- By W. Brian Moore
"Estrada cooks 'Tortilla Heaven'" - Emporia Bulletin- By Adam Pearson
"Play educates community about Hispanic Culture" - Washburn Review - Caleb Wasson
"'Tortilla Heaven,' No Translation Necessary" - KABB-TV Fox 11 "Night Shift"- Joe Vithaythil
"'Tortilla Heaven' fue presentada en Price Hill" - WKRC-TV "Nuestro Rincon" - Shasha Rionda
Read an interview about the show:
"Familia Affair" - OutSmart Magazine - Alex Rodriguez


The tortillas are ready as soon as she prays for you...

"Esta familia necesita mucha oracion..."

What is running time on the show?
Running time on "Tortilla Heaven" is 65 minutes. The show is played with no intermission.
Is the show appropriate for children?
"Tortilla Heaven" is appropriate for all ages.
Is there any Spanish spoken in the show?
"Tortilla Heaven" contains dialogue in both English and Spanish.
I don't understand Spanish. Would I still enjoy the show?
Celeste Angela Estrada wrote "Tortilla Heaven" with both Spanish-speakers and non-Spanish speakers in mind. Everyone will understand the storyline by following the context, script and body language. The older characters in the play speak Spanish and Spanglish (or Tex-Mex) while the younger generations strictly speak English.
How can I bring this show to my city, university or college?
Please contact Reece Golding at VicaProd@aol.com or at 646-342-8647 for booking inquiries.


Audience Comments:

Jade congratulations on your feature in Fox News.  I totally
agree with what you said about 3rd generation Mexican-Americans
forgetting about their true roots/culture.  I instill the
importance to my daughter on how important it is to never
forget that she is also Mexican-American.  My daughter usually
likes to surprise people when she speaks Spanish.  They assume
just because she is part French she will only speak English and
French but no Spanish.  I was really proud of her when she was
asked to fill out a school paper and when asked her race she
refused to only choose Caucasian.  She chose both and advised
her instructor she would not choose between her Caucasian root
or Hispanic.  She won her debate.  Anyway congratulations and
best wishes in all your endeavors.

Destiny Faith- San Antonio, Texas







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