One of the finest solo theatre ARTISTS of the 21st century.

  The Master Entertainer
  Updated: December 5, 2013


  NBC News calls him "America's Prince of Pride". Critics around the world have

compared him to "a cross between Andy Warhol and Billy Graham."  Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine calls him "one of the finest solo theatre artists of the 21st century." He's been seen in feature films, on Comedy Central's "The Graham Norton Effect," "In the Life" on PBS,  "Friday Night Lights" and "30 Rock" on NBC and has headlined concerts, theatres and comedy clubs around the world.  Meet "master entertainer" Jade Esteban Estrada.

     As a singer, Genre Magazine calls him “the most exciting Latin pop artist ever to emerge onto the music scene”. He has performed in seven languages and in 33 countries to date and his hypnotic music can be heard on the Golden Globe and Emmy award-winning police drama "The Shield" on FX. The Advocate calls him "exquisite."

     The Estrella award-winning singer was born and raised in the Tejano music capital of the world, San Antonio, Texas. The son of a U.S. Army officer, Estrada won a scholarship to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York and sharpened his knowledge of his chosen profession. He studied dance (alongside Jennifer Lopez) with Slam, the lead dancer from Madonna's Blonde Ambition Tour among other notable teachers of the era.

     While still at the conservatory, he briefly worked as an assistant to Tony award-winning actress Zoe Caldwell who once told him "in order to prepare for your career as an actor, you must do everything!" And that he did.

     In 1994, he took home the prize for the Funniest Amateur Comic in New York at Stand-Up New York. He made his living as a choreographer by day (a skill that came very naturally to him) and performed as a singer, dancer, actor, writer and go-go boy by night. His main concern during this period was getting from one show to the next.

     He began his pop music career as a member of the three-member hip-hop group The Model Citizens (with Mario Vasquez of "American Idol" fame). The group enjoyed a notable success, however, after several heated debates over who the lead singer was, Estrada ceremoniously left the group for Europe to pursue a solo career.

     While searching for his niche, Estrada once again supplemented his income by playing major roles in high profile shows abroad such as the German production of "Starlight Express." He spent most of his time writing songs with JELS, a duo he formed with West End starlet Samantha Lavender. However, still desperately unfulfilled, he returned to America and to his theatrical roots debuting his one-man show "It's Too Late...It's Already in Me" at the 1997 Festival de Libre Enganche representing the United States to high acclaim.

     During his stint as choreographer and lead dancer for Charo (yes, cuchi-cuchi Charo), he signed to Total Envision Records in 1998 releasing the hit single, "Reggae Twist." He toured extensively performing with top names in the Latin Music world and became the first performer to open the Tejano Concert at Christiansen Stadium in Texas since Selena. He also gained an unusual popularity performing on the global beauty pageant circuit where he became known as the "Prince of Pageantry." He was awarded several coveted awards from the Miss Universe Organization, the Miss America Scholarship Program, the Miss Black World Organization and Miss Latina USA.

     In September 2000, he opened the doors to his own label and released his long-awaited debut album "Angel" (Vicarious) in February 2001 and for the next three years toured the globe extensively to impressive reviews including a headlining appearance at Europride in Vienna and several other high-profile Latin music events. He has shared the stage with Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Ricky Martin, Margaret Cho, RuPaul, Jody Watley, and Jimmy Somerville and countless other fabulous stars. In 2002, Estrada lent his golden voice to the "Being Out Rocks" (Centaur) compilation CD where he joined such artists as Cyndi Lauper, Sarah McLachlan and Taylor Dayne and was awarded the Premio Estrella at the 9th Annual Encuentro Awards in Miami for outstanding visibility and achievement in the entertainment industry. Out Magazine christened him "the first gay Latin star."

     Estrada turned his attention to the solo theatre format in 2002 with the debut of his wildly popular one-man show
"ICONS: The Lesbian and Gay History of the World, Vol. 1" which also toured extensively. His sequel "ICONS: The Lesbian and Gay History of the World, Vol. 2" won the 2004 Audience Favorite Award in Solo Performance at the Columbus National Gay and Lesbian Theatre Festival in September 2004 and garnished several other awards. In 2006, he debuted "ICONS: The Lesbian and Gay History of the World, Vol. 3" and took home awards for Best Solo Performance and Best Original Music. He is also the man behind the hit Latin show "Tortilla Heaven" written by his sister Celeste Angela Estrada and directed by his brother David Miguel Estrada of Saturday Night Live fame.

     In 2007, the artist debuted three more shows "Gay Christian, Gay Muslim, Gay Jew," "Pico de Gallo" and "A Lullaby for Ryan: The History of HIV/AIDS in America" and in 2008 he debuted "Chek it, Baby: A Fabulous Explanation of Anton Chekhov's Fiercest Plays" at the 2008 Twin Cities Chekhov Festival.

     Estrada is a strict vegan and a gifted palm reader.

     Through his work in his artistic and political endeavors, Jade Esteban Estrada is fast becoming one of the world's most ground breaking personalities.


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