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“Pageant host Jade Esteban Estrada reviewed his handwritten notes before applying his outsize eyelashes with the ease of long experience.”   Albuquerque Journal   Albuquerque, New Mexico
"Estrada has been an integral part of the recent international burlesque revival and has toured the globe (including headlining appearances in Vienna, Warsaw, Munich and Edinburgh) to impressive reviews."   Broadway World   New York, New York

“...a hilarious performance...I couldn’t think of a better way to start Pride weekend. Estrada portrays Sappho, Michelangelo, Oscar Wilde, Gertrude Stein, Sylvia Rivera and Ellen Degeneres in a showcase of LGBT history."

  Watermark   Orlando, Florida
“It’s almost by stepping on stage he made the sun come out. When he started to sing, you could see people in all parts of the park turn around and start to come back toward the stage. He brought people to him, which if you know Jade, that’s something that he does very, very well.”   Out in Jersey   New Jersey
"There's also some fun choreography throughout the show, courtesy of Luis Legaspi, Jade Esteban Estrada and Sarah Davis."   San Antonio Express-News   San Antonio, Texas
"For anyone looking to step outside of their usual night of drinks and dancing, the Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club should be the first thing to try. There have been several famous headliners including Jade Esteban Estrada from Bravo TV and Comedy Central."   Daring Penguin   Fort Lauderdale, Florida
"Pretty Boy Rock - as Napoléon - furiously rides his imaginary horse in between conquering blow up dolls (Austria and Russia) in his quest for the crown. He finishes by bursting out of his shirt, revealing French flags over his nipples, euphorically placing the crown on his head and riding away on his horse. All the while the audience is in fits of laughter. "   The Thin Air   Belfast, UNITED KINGDOM
"Estrada captivated the audience by demonstrating his talent, acting out all of the characters in the show. With quick wardrobe changes to changing between characters, [his] performance was able to keep moving, never having a dull moment. Actor, comedian and singer are just some of the talents Estrada possesses, and he demonstrated every single one in Tortilla Heaven."   Renegade Rip   Bakersfield, California
"Pretty Boy Rock from Comedy Central was the MC on both nights and kept me laughing for all three hours. His sassy and sultry satire was a perfect addition to the night and included three costume changes. Rock opened with a glittery, rainbow-colored bow tie and a red feather boa, then made a grand finish in pink and silver."   Broward-Palm Beach New Times   Fort Lauderdale, Florida
"This actor, singer and LGBTQ activist was called “the first gay Latin star” by Out Magazine."   Rivard Report   San Antonio, Texas
"US performer Pretty Boy Rock stood out from the crowd with his extended monologue about relationships."   Out in Perth   Perth, AUSTRALIA
"Pretty Boy Rock, stage name for singer and entertainer Jade Esteban Estrada, has traveled the world hosting festivals from Amsterdam to Australia and will be serving as master of entertainment..."   South Florida Gay News   Fort Lauderdale, Florida
"Internationally-renowned comedian Jade Esteban Estrada..."   San Antonio Magazine   San Antonio, Texas
"...he must have done something right to earn the nickname Prada Enchilada..."   Sun-Sentinel   Fort Lauderdale, Florida
"Jade Esteban Estrada is a successful Latin pop singer, comedian, burlesque performer, choreographer, actor, journalist, political commentator and human rights activist."   Vegas News   Las Vegas, Nevada
"...and their great emcee Jade Esteban Estrada, The Prada Enchilada! Jade does an amazing job of emceeing the show, wisecracking, telling blue jokes and introducing troupe members."   Trip Advisor   Houston, Texas
"Pretty Boy Rock had us crying with laughter after his comedy routine while he made fun of almost every type of person possible -- no one was safe from his jokes! His song 'I'll Be a Ho for Christmas,' parodying 'I'll be Home for Christmas,' may just be our new favorite holiday song."
  Broward-Palm Beach New Times   Fort Lauderdale, Florida
"Jade Esteban Estrada leads the way with groovy gusto..."
  Now Playing Austin   Austin, Texas
"...funny and irreverent."
  Tucson Weekly   Tucson, Arizona
"The show is full of entertainment, from the assel-twerking styles of Apathy Angel, to Iris le’Mour‘s self-made gorgeous costume, to the comedy emceeing of Jade Esteban Estrada..."
  21st Century Burlesque Magazine   London, ENGLAND
"Lily Tomlin, Eric Bogosian, Whoopi Goldberg, Jade Esteban Estrada, Eddie Izzard, John Leguizamo, Anna Deavere Smith, Colin Quinn, even Mike Tyson all created brilliant one-person shows. They were able to weave their stories together–whether they were personal, social or political–into a structurally sound, connected piece with a beginning, middle and end. They did this seamlessly. They stayed on theme. They connected to their audience, touched them, moved them, and informed them, because their material came from the heart."   LA Writers Group   Los Angeles, California
"Estrada is a very successful comedian."   La Grande Observer  
La Grande, Oregon
"Jade Esteban Estrada is one of the best entertainers in Texas."   Street Talk Magazine   San Antonio, Texas
"Pretty Boy Rock made me laugh until my sides hurt with his hilarious comedy routine and is as funny off stage as he is on. Sadly, I was getting ready for my next act during his boylesque performance but I could hear the crowd going wild from the dressing room! [He] claimed the well deserved title of Big Boylesquer 2014."   Miss Holly Hock   Detroit, Michigan
"He's the best comedian ever!"   Hot Hollywood Minute   Waco, Texas
"...Latin pop singer/multi-hyphenate Jade Esteban Estrada."   Central Track   Dallas, Texas
"[He's] magical!"   KOOP FM - Off Stage & On the Air   Austin, Texas
"Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club should be on the top of your bucket list, especially when headlined by Jade Esteban Estrada from Bravo TV and Comedy Central. Find out when this fabulous comedian is performing in a city near you..."   USA Today -   USA
"...truly one of a kind."   Corpus Christi Caller-Times  
Corpus Christi, Texas
"Jade Esteban Estrada knows how to fill the stage all by himself."   San Antonio Current   San Antonio, Texas
"He really knows how to tell the story with his jokes, banter and songs."   Pin Curl Magazine   USA
"Comedian, singer and minority gay rights activist Jade Esteban Estrada cut loose between acts with his repertoire of racially-charged stand-up work and one-liners."   Olivia Starich   Austin, Texas
"Local comedian, actor, singer, political commentator and activist Jade Esteban Estrada will emcee the event."   Rivard Report   San Antonio, Texas
"San Antonio’s accomplished comedian, actor, journalist, and writer Jade Esteban Estrada takes on a new project with the San Antonio premiere of Mike Daisey’s controversial monologue..."   San Antonio Current   San Antonio, Texas
"FA-BUL-OUS! Estrada entered the stage wearing a tux and a pink feathered boa along with a lot of glitter."   Vegas News   Las Vegas, Nevada
"Jade Esteban Estrada knows how to draw an audience in and hold them in the palm of his hand."   San Antonio Express-News   San Antonio, Texas
"Jade Esteban Estrada gives us an entertaining State of the Strip."   San Antonio Current   San Antonio, Texas
"...triple-threat comedian Jade Esteban Estrada."   Plaza de Armas   San Antonio, Texas
"...a master entertainer."   Corpus Christi Caller-Times   Corpus Christi, Texas
"...the fully fabulous and un-PC Jade Esteban Estrada."   Lingerie Unlaced   Austin, Texas
"Award-winning local singer/choreographer/columnist/comic Jade Esteban Estrada..."   San Antonio Current   San Antonio, Texas
"...Jade Esteban Estrada, who charms local politicians and celebrities in his Glitter Political and Being There columns."   Plaza de Armas   San Antonio, Texas
"His singing was great."   San Antonio Express-News   San Antonio, Texas
"Emcee Jade Esteban Estrada held the crowd from first to last dressed all in black with black platform sneakers with polished steel toe shields. His pink feather boa accented everything and signaled his preferences - about which he was vocal throughout in a series of hilarious stand-up routines between the dancers' performances."   Tutto Theatre Company   Austin, Texas
"...a fascinating piece by Jade Esteban Estrada."   San Antonio Current   San Antonio, Texas
"Actor, comedian, master entertainer..."   San Antonio Magazine   San Antonio, Texas
"Jade Esteban Estrada's ICONS series celebrates the heretofore-secret history of unsung and legendary gay heroes from Freddie Mercury to valiant Stonewall activist Sylvia Rae Rivera. Each icon is finely etched. Estrada is a consummate performer of 1,000 faces. ICONS I-IV not only informs its audience but also imbues it with GLBTQ pride."   San Antonio Current   San Antonio, Texas
" illustrious emcee."   Rockabilly Online   Austin, Texas
"...a singer, comedian, actor and all-around entertainer."   Examiner   Washington D.C.
"...his mostly white audience laughed easily at his antics."   East Oregonian   Pendleton, Oregon
"Victims include a dominatrix librarian, the entire crowd at a Jade Esteban Estrada concert, a bunch of cops, hitman...way more fun than I expected."   Fine Print Magazine   USA
"Jade is hilarious and really knows how to get a crowd riled up."   KENS 5   San Antonio, Texas
"Comedian/emcee Jade Esteban Estrada was funny, witty and energetic..."   San Antonio Current   San Antonio, Texas
"They even added a colorful reporter, Jade Esteban Estrada, to provide that flair reporting about the candidates."   Concerned Citizens   San Antonio, Texas

"[An] exuberant character...spontaneous and really funny..."

  San Antonio Express-News   San Antonio, Texas
"...part stand-up comedy, part Broadway musical, all glittery and gaylicious indeed."   Austin Chronicle   Austin, Texas
"Estrada has an astute eye for culturally relevant material that imbues his comedy with real-world poignancy. He's also just plain funny."   Yakima Herald-Republic   Yakima, Washington
"A political pundit and world-class entertainer..."   Rockabilly Online   Austin, Texas
"The ever-charming Jade Esteban Estrada..."   KOOP FM - OutCast Austin   Austin, Texas
"...multitalented, politically-charged, gay Latino star."   Yakima Herald-Republic   Yakima, Washington
"...charming local raconteur and boa enthusiast."   San Antonio Current   San Antonio, Texas
"Jade Esteban Estrada came to St. Louis with a sweet one-man show..."   St. Louis Post-Dispatch   St. Louis, Missouri
"International homosexual Jade Esteban Estrada..."   San Antonio Current   San Antonio, Texas
"Knowing Estrada, the shows will be anything but typical stand-up."   Yakima Herald-Republic   Yakima, Washington
"Estrada is a modern American renaissance man."   Vital Voice   St. Louis, Missouri
"...creative minds like performer Jade Esteban Estrada."   San Antonio Current   San Antonio, Texas
"...homegrown fabulosity."   San Antonio Current   San Antonio, Texas
"...a popular, young actor and stand-up comedian."   Austin American-Statesman   Austin, Texas
"Local glam icon..."   Social Media Club   San Antonio, Texas
"With such well-rounded skills, we're beginning to wonder if Jade is the next Sammy Davis, Jr."   San Antonio Current   San Antonio, Texas
"Wayne Harper and Ken Slavin, watch your back. Triple-threat comedian Jade Esteban Estrada is vying hard for the title of Mr. Entertainment."   San Antonio Express-News   San Antonio, Texas
"Estrada's method is particularly interesting because he uses entertainment-education in his shows. He uses comedy to educate people about HIV/AIDS. That approach is appealing to young people. The audience is entertained and at the same time learning."   Kansas State Collegian   Manhattan, Kansas
"...dressed from head to toe in rainbow-colored feathers."   NPR   USA
" of the finest solo theatre artists of the 21st century."   Deseret News   Salt Lake City, Utah
"...very funny and versatile...the Mexican-American performer can do just about anything: sing, dance, act and, of course, make you laugh with his wild yet incisive humor."   San Antonio Express-News   San Antonio, Texas
"...who sold out Sunday night's screening to cheer for Jade Esteban Estrada..."   San Antonio Current   San Antonio, Texas
"...a Latin sensation."   Lancaster Eagle Gazette   Lancaster, Ohio
"History through a lullaby..."   Salt Lake Tribune   Salt Lake City, Utah
"...a master entertainer."   210SA   San Antonio, Texas
" effervescent entertainer. It wouldn't be a Tallahassee PrideFest without Jade Esteban Estrada, the 'Prince of Pride.'"   Tallahassee Democrat   Tallahassee, Florida
" definitely shouldn't miss is New York-based solo performer Jade Esteban Estrada, who has made a career of one-man shows in which he plays various historical gay figures."   Fort Worth Star-Telegram   Forth Worth, Texas
"...he's a multitalented performer...we want to hear him sing!"   CBS Billings   Billings, Montana
" acclaimed solo theatre artist."   Yakima Herald-Republic   Yakima, Washington
"...his three-part work has amassed a number of awards in several gay and lesbian theater festivals."   Tulsa World   Tulsa, Oklahoma
"...a star attraction."   San Antonio Express-News   San Antonio, Texas
"And, because it can't be said enough: that Estrada guy seriously rocks the bowler hat."    Billings Gazette   Billings, Montana
"Jade Esteban Estrada has no problem portraying multiple characters from multiple generations - or eras."   Yakima Herald-Republic   Yakima, Washington
"...a one-man act sure to slap the frown off your face."   Tri-City Herald   Kennewick, Washington
"genuinely of the finest solo theatre artists of the 21st century."   Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine   Minneapolis, Minnesota
"Jade Esteban Estrada - not the shy and retiring type."   The Vine   AUSTRALIA
" of the finest solo theatre artists of the 21st century."   Southwest Actors Guide   USA
"...a cool show...a good bet for the weekend."   Minneapolis Star-Tribune   Minneapolis, Minnesota
"...the first gay Latin star."   Asheville Citizen-Times   Asheville, North Carolina
"Comedian Jade Esteban Estrada has been embraced by the lesbian and gay community as 'the first gay Latin star.'"   Tampa Bay Times   Tampa, Florida
"The absolutely fabulous Jade Esteban Estrada - aka - 'America's Prince of Pride,' is no stranger to Tallahassee, having delighted local audiences on his previous visits with his vampy, campy one-person shows."   Tallahassee Democrat   Tallahassee, Florida
"Jade Esteban Estrada is a musician on a comedic mission to enlighten the masses."   Tri-City Herald   Kennewick, Washington
"Jade Esteban Estrada is not an icon by accident..."   Notes from Hollywood   Hollywood, California
"Transforming from one character to the next, Estrada unravels a multitude of stories, songs and humorous contradictions in celebration of the heartbeat of Latino culture."   Boise Weekly   Boise, Idaho
" acclaimed solo theatre artist."   Muncie Star Press   Muncie, Indiana
"A multitalented entertainer...laughs will roll in from audience members..."   Corpus Christi Caller-Times   Corpus Christi, Texas
"A prominent and controversial gay Latin performer."   Oklahoma Gazette   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
"...a gay comedian who puts on a good show."   Daily Emerald   Eugene, Oregon
"...the first gay Latin star."   The Advocate   USA
" of today's best solo entertainers."   Bowling Green News   Bowling Green, Ohio
"You'll laugh your butts off when Jade Esteban Estrada takes center stage."   Out   USA
"...America's Prince of Pride."   Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star   Fredericksburg, Virginia
"...the first gay Latin star."   Omaha City Weekly   Omaha, Nebraska
" won't want to miss the final weekend of Jade Esteban Estrada's Bay area appearances..."   Tampa Tribune   Tampa, Florida
"Estrada is a drama queen with a lesson plan."   Knoxville Metro Pulse   Knoxville, Tennessee
"Without a doubt, the best entertainment dollars I spent this year went to 'ICONS: The Lesbian and Gay History of the World, Vol. 1' with Jade Esteban Estrada."   Tampa Bay Gazette   Tampa, Florida
"Catch ICONS as soon as you can, or you will surely live to regret it."   Curve   USA
"Estrada has valorous appeal!"   Austin American-Statesman   Austin, Texas
"...brilliantly funny."   Let's Go Austin   Austin, Texas
"El talentoso Jade Esteban Estrada..."   WKRC-TV - Nuestro Rincon   Cincinnati, Ohio
"Get your Latino party on with triple threat Jade Esteban Estrada and his heavenly one-man show..."   Riverfront Times   St. Louis, Missouri
"An irreverent and versatile entertainer..."   St. Louis Post-Dispatch   St. Louis, Missouri
"A very funny man, a whirl of costume changes and booty-shakin' tunes..."   Austin Chronicle   Austin, Texas
"Sure-fire entertainment...Estrada is the superman of queer history!"   Point Blank Des Moines   Des Moines, Iowa
"Estrada proved to be a candid, provocative and insightful...the renowned comedian is raising eyebrows with his one-man show..."   Planet Weekly   Jackson, Mississippi
"Part history lesson, part musical, part politics and ALL entertainment..."   San Diego Daily Transcript   San Diego, California
"Jade Esteban Estrada is one of Texas' most premium exports."   San Diego Buzz   San Diego, California
"Be a Jadeite!"   Tulsa World   Tulsa, Oklahoma
"Most performers would be happy to have a fraction of Jade Esteban Estrada's career..."   Louisville Courier-Journal   Louisville, Kentucky
"Estrada is the master of the one man as man and woman show..."   Riverfront Times   St. Louis, Missouri
"Estrada is a chameleon...see for yourself why this Latin entertainer is receiving so much praise from critics all over the world."   San Antonio Current   San Antonio, Texas
" actor, singer and all-around diva. Characters like the sultry Sappho, the wise Stein and the flamboyant Wilde speak to the audience from their own respective time periods, focusing less on their sexuality and more on their lives and perspectives. It's funny, stirring and even educational. Estrada is a bit of an icon himself."   Houston Press   Houston, Texas
"Estrada is hilarious..."   Next Magazine   New York, New York
"A Halloween festival in Greenwich Village with be nothing without gay stars like Jade Esteban Estrada."   New York, New York
"A Latin singing sensation in American pop culture..."   Omaha City Weekly   Omaha, Nebraska
"A highlight of the festival is singer-actor Jade Esteban Estrada..."   The Advocate   USA
"Charming, funny and irreverent..."   Dallas Morning News   Dallas, Texas
"Estrada is a master entertainer with a message to convey."   Richmond Times-Dispatch   Richmond, Virginia
"Estrada's bug-eyed portrayal of Gertrude Stein is brilliant..."   Style Weekly   Richmond, Virginia
"Estrada has traveled far and wide with his much heralded musical journeys..."   Time Out New York   New York, New York
"Still recovering from pride? Imagine how Jade Esteban Estrada feels. The singer-dancer-writer (whew!) just completed his 127th pride..."   HX   New York, New York
"Most recently known for his popular appearances on 'The Graham Norton Effect,' Jade Esteban Estrada is also known as the 'first gay Latin star'..."   Nuvo   Indianapolis, Indiana
"Cross dressing stand-up Jade Esteban Estrada talks designer footwear while throwing fashion into the mix..."   New York Daily News   New York, New York
"There's multitasking and then there's Jade Esteban Estrada...he's a one-man festival."   Raleigh News and Observer   Raleigh, North Carolina
"Estrada's scorching live show and music on TV's 'The Shield' has positioned him for a Ricky Martin level breakout."   Nashville Scene   Nashville, Tennessee
"...the first gay Latin star."   St. Louis Post-Dispatch   St. Louis, Missouri
"Estrada picks up where 'Queer Eye' and 'Will and Grace' leave off."   Riverfront Times   St. Louis, Missouri
"A huge hit in Phoenix...where does he get all that energy?"   NBC Phoenix   Phoenix, Arizona
"Jade is the life of the party!"   Phoenix New Times   Phoenix, Arizona
" international star..."   Arizona Republic   Phoenix, Arizona
"...a Latin icon."   News 4 Jacksonville   Jacksonville, Florida
"...a high-voltage performance!"   Talent in Motion Magazine   USA
"...the most exciting Latin pop star ever to hit the music scene."   Florida Times-Union   Jacksonville, Florida
"...America's Prince of Pride."   NBC San Diego   San Diego, California
"...a diva and a danged exciting performer."   The Tennessean   Nashville, Tennessee
"Jade Esteban Estrada is the biggest out Latin pop star in the United States..."   XTRA! Magazine   CANADA
"This dazzling musician is quickly rising to become one of the most historical figures in American pop culture..."   Talent in Motion Magazine   USA
"El multifacito Jade Esteban Estrada trae la fiebre Tejana a la ciudad de Nueva York."   Noticias del Mundo   USA
"Don't mess with the Estrada family..."   WOR-AM - The Joey Reynolds Show   New York, New York
"Estrada's enthusiasm is engaging..."   Off Off Broadway Review   New York, New York
" incredible...incredible performer."   Homovisiones TV   New York, New York
"...a Latin sensation."   HX   New York, New York
"Compelling...Estrada displays such a Broadway-caliber voice that one yearns to hear him sing the songs of Arlen, Gershwin and the songs that established Barbra Streisand's recording career."   Columbus Dispatch   Columbus, Ohio
"Returning this year is popular Latin pop artist Jade Esteban Estrada, who's as well known in the pageant industry as for his CDs."   Independent Weekly   Durham, North Carolina
"For the third consecutive year, La Fiesta del Pueblo is strengthened by the appearance of Latin pop star Jade Estrada..."   Raleigh Spectator   Raleigh, North Carolina
"...a 21st century Oscar Wilde."   Urban Latino TV   USA
" emerging Latin star."   Palm Beach Post   Palm Beach, Florida
"Solid Jade."   San Antonio Express-News   San Antonio, Texas
"...a hottie."   Minneapolis Star-Tribune   Minneapolis, Minnesota
"If the hype in the U.S. is anything to go by, Jennifer Lopez's crown as the queen of Latin music is under threat...from a man!"   Gay Times   UK
"Der blendend ausshende sanger ist bereits der dritte generation nach Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias und Marc Anthony am start die Latino Lover Front..."   Manner Aktuell   GERMANY
"All that achievement, youth and good-looks - if it doesn't make you sigh and shake your head in wonderment it probably makes you ill."   Tulsa World   Tulsa, Oklahoma
"Passionate and sophisticated..."   Fresno Bee   Fresno, California
"Jade Esteban Estrada sjodheitt og sudraent a svidi hin segin daga..."   Morgunbladid   ICELAND
"Amerikaneren Jade Esteban Estrada og the first gay Latin pop star..."   Berlingske Tidende   DENMARK
"...a showbiz messiah."   San Antonio Express-News   San Antonio, Texas
"...a Latin gay icon."   Copenhagen Post   DENMARK
"Jade Esteban Estrada is one of the most exciting Latin pop artists ever to emerge in the music industry..."   Genre   USA
"Estrada should definitely feel like he's king of the world."   Cybersocket   USA
"Estrada has the infectious golden voice and pop presence to easily rival his  more mainstream Latino contemporaries."   Torso   USA
"He has booties shakin' all over the U.S. and Britain..."   Mandate   USA
"...a new queer rock star to worship."   Instinct   USA
"Watch out, Ricky! There's a new Latin sensation in town!"   Ritmo Beat   USA
"Estrada is ready to take on the world."   Fort Worth Star-Telegram   Fort Worth, Texas
"Estrada gets the beat going..."   Atlanta Journal-Constitution   Atlanta, Georgia
"A talented man truly on his way to the top."   The Advocate   USA
"The first out Latin music star..."   Gay Times   UK
"Hier schon maleine emphfehlung fur die nachste CSD party: Jade Esteban Estrada!"   Les Press   GERMANY
"Energetic and sizzling...the diva of Latin pop..."   Genre   USA
"Estrada excels..."   Hero   USA
"Estrada was eye candy..."   Charlotte Observer   Charlotte, North Carolina
"Estrada is flash, sequins and Stonewall..."   Cedar Rapids Gazette   Cedar Rapids, Iowa
"The Latin singer that made us proud..."   Deon   GREECE
"Estrada is poised to become the first gay Latin star..."   Brainerd Daily-Dispatch   Brainerd, Minnesota
"...fiery talents."   Central Pennsylvania Magazine   Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
"...the first gay Latin star."   Out   USA
"The reigning prince of pageantry..."   Billings Gazette   Billings, Montana
"Estrada immediately followed with a spirited version of the 'Star-Spangled Banner' which brought down the house."   New York Amsterdam News   New York, New York
"This young star is rising and destined for greatness."   Syracuse Post-Standard   Syracuse, New York
"One of the biggest stars of the Latin music scene..."   Riverfront Times   St. Louis, Missouri
"...a smokin' act."   Savannah Morning News   Savannah, Georgia
"...the hottest rising star on the Latin music scene!"   NBC Billings   Billings, Montana
"It's not a novelty to see Jade Esteban Estrada perform at famous beauty pageants around the world. His successful Canadian debut at Miss Mundo Latino International last July was phenomenal."   El Mundo Latino News   CANADA
"...a sexy, Latin crooner."   HX   New York, New York
"Jade Esteban Estrada jams!"   Latin Style   USA
"...ritmo pegajoso!"   El Universal   COLOMBIA
"With Latin music getting its biggest boost ever, it's no surprise that our tribe has a few rising stars of its own - meet Jade Esteban Estrada."   HX   New York, New York
"Making a full circle comeback to the Spanish language pop world, Estrada is a much south-after artist on the concert stage in the United States and Mexico."   San Angelo Standard-Times   San Angelo, Texas
"Las peleas estilizadas de gallos (interpretadas por Jade Esteban Estrada y Lina del Roble Cronful) creaban un aire de magia y de rito mientras se embestian dos seres antropomóficos al ritmo de música y tambores indígenas."   Latin American Theatre Review   USA


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