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May 4, 2005        


Tortilla Heaven -- something we thought could only be attained after eating Pueblo Solis' guacamole -- is performed in honor of Cinco de Mayo (a day early). Get your Latino party on when triple threat (actor, writer, singerJade Esteban Estrada brings his heavenly one-man show to the Tin Ceiling at the Hispanic Center (3159 Cherokee Street) for two performances (7 and 9 p.m.). You don't need to speak Spanish to enjoy this comedy -- it's performed in Spanish and English. All you need is $5 to $10 (and an aptitude for keeping up with the play's seven multi-generational characters; it is a one-man show).


Multimedia artist Jade Esteban Estrada

Written for Jade by his sister, Celeste Angela Estrada, Tortilla Heaven explores three generations of Mexican Americans and the life differences each age group experiences in the new country, from language barriers to cultural contrasts. Even though this particular story is about starting a new life in a new place, all people will be able to relate to the familial struggles. You, like the characters in Heaven, might not really understand how it's possible that some of your relatives share the same bloodline as you -- but you realize you need your family all the same.



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