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By ROBRT L. PELA        
July 23, 2009        


It used to be that knowing who Jade Esteban Estrada was was like wearing a ball gown to the grocery store – it meant you were gay. But ever since NBC News dubbed him "America's Prince of Pride" (presumably, the network meant “Gay Pride”), Estrada’s star has been on the rise. Even straight people are starting to hear about him.


Multimedia artist Jade Esteban Estrada
Jade Esteban Estrada is full of Pride


It’s probably all those network shows (Friday Night Lights, 30 Rock), cable guest spots (Comedy Central's The Graham Norton Effect), and public-television documentaries (In the Life on PBS) he’s been doing. And now Estrada is touring the country with a one-man show, during which he talks about being superfabulous, gay, and what his press kit calls “a master entertainer.”

The former go-go boy and choreographer explains it all (and sings!) at The Comedy Spot July 23.



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Jade Esteban Estrada Worldwide/Vicarious New York

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